How To Generate E Invoice in Tally Prime?

If you’re using Tally Prime for your business accounting, it’s essential to stay compliant with e-invoicing requirements.

E-invoicing streamlines the invoicing process and ensures conformity with GST regulations.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps to generate e invoice in Tally Prime.

How To Generate E Invoice in Tally Prime?

Generating e invoice in Tally Prime involves several steps to ensure compliance with tax regulations & maintain accurate financial records.

Here is a general guide on how to generate e invoice in Tally Prime:

To generate an e-invoice in Tally Prime, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your TallyPrime software is updated to the latest version.
  2. Register your GSTIN with the GST Network (GSTN) and obtain an e-Invoice Registration Number (EIR).
  3. Configure e-invoicing in TallyPrime. To do this, go to F11 > Set/Alter Company GST Rate and Other Details > Ctrl+I (More Details) > e-Invoice Details.
  4. Create a new sales invoice. To do this, go to Alt+G > Create Voucher > F8 (Sales).
  5. In the Invoice Details screen, set the Provide e-Invoice Details option to Yes.
  6. Enter the e-invoice details, such as the bill to place, ship to place, and e-invoice registration number.
  7. Save the invoice.

TallyPrime will automatically generate an e-invoice and upload it to the GSTN. You can view the status of the upload in the Exchange Summary report.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when generating e-invoices in TallyPrime:

  • You can only generate e-invoices for transactions that are taxable under GST.
  • The e-invoice must be generated within 24 hours of the invoice date.
  • You can generate e-invoices in bulk for multiple invoices. To do this, go to Alt+Z > Send for e-Invoicing.

If you still face issues then below is given the deatiled guide on how to do so.

Detailed Guide On How To Generate E Invoice

1. Updating Your TallyPrime Software

Before you begin generating e-invoices, ensure that your TallyPrime software is up to date.

Running the latest version helps you access the most recent features and enhancements, including e-invoicing support.

2. Register Your GSTIN and Obtain an EIR

To initiate the e-invoicing process, you’ll need to register your GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) with the GST Network (GSTN).

Upon registration, you’ll receive an e-Invoice Registration Number (EIR), a crucial identifier for e-invoicing compliance.

3. Configure E-Invoicing in TallyPrime

  1. Navigate to F11 (Features).
  2. Under Set/Alter Company GST Rate and Other Details, choose Ctrl+I (More Details).
  3. Select e-Invoice Details.

Configuring e-invoicing settings in Tally Prime is a pivotal step in ensuring that your invoices meet the necessary compliance standards.

4. Create a New Sales Invoice

Now that you’ve set up your e-invoice preferences, it’s time to create a sales invoice:

  1. Press Alt+G to create a new voucher.
  2. Choose F8 (Sales) to create a sales invoice.

5. Provide E-Invoice Details

In the Invoice Details screen, set the “Provide e-Invoice Details” option to “Yes.” This step indicates that you intend to generate an e-invoice for this transaction.

6. Enter E-Invoice Details

Enter the essential e-invoice details, including the bill-to place, ship-to place, and your e-Invoice Registration Number.

7. Save the Invoice

Once all the information is accurately entered, save the invoice within TallyPrime. Your software will take care of the rest.

8. Monitoring E-Invoice Status

TallyPrime simplifies e-invoicing by automating the generation and uploading of e-invoices to the GSTN. To monitor the status of these uploads, refer to the Exchange Summary report within TallyPrime.

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In conclusion, you can seamlessly generate einvoicing in TallyPrime workflow while maintaining compliance with GST regulations. Keep your software updated, configure e-invoicing settings diligently, and you’ll find e-invoice generation in TallyPrime to be a smooth and efficient process.

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