Does Tally Prime include GST?

Tally Prime includes GST. It is a comprehensive accounting software that can be used to manage all aspects of your business, including GST compliance.

Tally allows you to:

  • Set up your GST registration details
  • Calculate GST on your transactions
  • Generate GST invoices and returns
  • Track your GST payments
  • Reconcile your GST accounts

Does Tally Prime include GST?

Yes, Tally Prime does include GST functionality. TallyPrime is a popular accounting software that manages financial transactions including GST and comply with tax regulations.

GST is a value-added tax levied on the supply of goods and services in India. It has replaced multiple indirect taxes such as excise duty, service tax, VAT, etc.

It is crucial for businesses to accurately calculate, record, and report their GST transactions to ensure compliance with the law.

Tally Prime understands the importance of GST compliance for businesses and has incorporated comprehensive GST features into its software. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of managing GST-related tasks.

With Tally Prime, businesses can easily create GST invoices that are compliant with the GST rules and regulations. The software automatically calculates the GST amounts based on the tax rates and applies them to the invoices. This helps in reducing manual errors and ensures accurate calculations.

Tally Prime also enables businesses to generate various GST reports required for filing GST returns. These reports include GSTR-1 (outward supplies), GSTR-2 (inward supplies), GSTR-3B (summary return), and more. These reports provide a consolidated view of the business’s GST transactions and help in reconciling the data with the government portal.

GST Features in Tally

Here are some of the specific GST features that are available in Tally Prime:

  • Set up your GST registration details, including your GSTIN, state, and registration type.
  • Calculate GST on your transactions, including sales, purchases, and imports.
  • Generate GST invoices and returns.
  • Track your GST payments.
  • Reconcile your GST accounts.
  • You can use the reverse charge mechanism to claim input tax credit on goods and services that you have received from unregistered suppliers.
  • You can use the input tax credit feature to claim input tax credit on goods and services that you have purchased for your business.
  • ITC reversal feature to reverse input tax credit that you have claimed in error.
  • E-invoicing feature to generate and send electronic invoices to your customers.

If you are new to GST, Tally Prime also includes a number of resources to help you learn about the GST system and how to comply with it. These resources include:

  • A GST tutorial
  • A GST knowledge base
  • A GST helpdesk


Overall, Tally Prime is a reliable and efficient accounting software that includes comprehensive GST functionality.

It simplifies the process of managing GST transactions, generates necessary reports, and ensures compliance with GST regulations.

Businesses can rely on Tally Prime to streamline their GST-related tasks and focus on their core operations.

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